Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm a stylin'.....

I'm so thrilled to receive the Stylist blogger award. I'm to thank Patty from . I'm now to share 8 things about myself. I will have to think about this. And then I will share this award with 5 other special people that inspire the crafting world.

1. I don't like touching my food.
2. I love a good hockey or lacrosse game.
3. I love nectarines.
4. I have a fear of heights.
5. I received the President's Scholarship for my graduating year at University for being in the top 4% of the graduating class.
6. I learned to drive when I was 14.
7. I can hold my breath for over 1 minute.
8. I sing alto in a broadway choir in which we only sing showtunes. Love it!!

Now I must forward this award to:

Please visit each of these blogs. I'm confident you will be inspired.

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