Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hello-ween cards

Well, I've been busy making halloween cards and goodies for my children for school. This year I decided to try and make chocolate suckers using halloween molds. Never done it before but thought it looked easy. The recipe calls for pretzel rods!! Where on this planet can one find pretzel rods!! I've looked everywhere. So, now I must improvise and use just plain old sucker sticks. They should still look fabulous and I'll post a picture of them when I make them closer to the date. In the meantime, I've made two cards...a mummy and a Frankette. I must give thanks to those who have shared their creations of each of these as it enabled me to create these ones. Not much more you can do with the mummy (looks pretty much the same as a card I saw) but I did improvise with Frankette. Hope you like them. Pretty cute eh?? I like them.

Have fun preparing for the scary eve. Time flies when you're having fun....


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