Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My other half....

1)Favorite board game : scrabble
2) Would you prefer to read a book or watch the movie ? watch the movie
3) Share one of your bad habits....don't be shy, we all have at least one : misplacing my phone, keys and wallet
4) How did you meet your significant other? we were neighbours and lived in the same townhome complex
5) Do you tend to prepare or procrastinate? : procrastinate
6) What pet name does your significant other have for you? Chrissy
7) Potato Chips or Corn Chips? corn chips: corn chips
8) Coffee or Tea? coffee in the morning and the afternoon and the evening and then some more
9) What's your home decorating style? craftsman
10) What color is your kitchen? creamy taupe
11) What does your go-to Chinese take out order consist of? sweet and sour and rice
12) What time do you typically go to bed? around 11pm
13) MAC or PC? neither don't use the computer
14) What is your favorite Christmas movie? Christmas vacation
15) What was your favorite class in school? P.E.
16) Do you read the newspaper? no but I do read magazines
17) Have you ever been to Africa? no
18) Are you allergic to anything? no
19) Where did you go on your honeymoon? still waiting to go somewhere

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